Song of the Week – Drops in the Ocean

I want you as you are, not as you ought to be

Won’t you lay down your guard and come to me

The shame that grips you now is crippling

It breaks my heart to see you suffering

‘Cause I am for you

I’m not against you

If you wanna know how far my love can go

Just how deep

Just how wide

If you wanna see how much you mean to me

Look at my hands

Look at my side

If you could count the times I’d say you are forgiven

It’s more than the drops in the ocean. 

 “Drops in the Ocean” by Hawk Nelson is a moving song about how deep God’s love really is for us. I mean, Jesus died for all of us in the most terrible way possible, and a lot of people don’t even accept that; now that’s love. He knows us each individually inside and out; now that’s love. This touching song was recommended to me by T. R. Noble from her blogs, Inside Cup and Peeking Beneath. She is a brilliant blogger, and I know she’d love it if you checked out her blogs!

Hawk Nelson

God is love. -1 John 4:8b, KJV

Thanks for reading! What song should I do next week? Comment below. God bless y’all, BBG


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  1. I love this song!!!! 🙂

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      1. Then we are twinzees

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      2. Did I even spell twinzess right? lol

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  2. Like Dancing With God said, I love this song because it really does speak of God’s unimaginable love for His children. God’s love is more than the drops in the ocean.

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  3. Love this song! Love this group! My son introduced me to their music some years ago. I’ve been a fan since ☺️💜

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    1. T. R. always has great recommendations!

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  4. T. R. Noble says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this song! It always speaks to me of His love. Thank you for the shout out 🙂

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    1. No problem! Such a good song.

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