What if I Gave Everything?

All my life I longed to be a hero

My sword raised high, running to the battle

I was gonna take giants down

Be a man you would write about

Deep in my chest is the heart of a warrior.

So why am I still standing here?

Why am I still holding back from You?

I hear you call me out into deeper waters

But I settle on the shallow end

So why am I still standing here?

These are some of the lyrics to “What if I Gave Everything”  by Casting Crowns. I was listening to the album this song is on while doing my homework this week, and the song really stood out to me. It’s about trying to overcome fear of giving everything up to God, which is indeed a hard thing to do. Every morning, I have to pray and give the day to Him, or else it doesn’t go very well. A lot of times, I do pray but some part of me still resists and I end up messing up. But I’m trying, and I think that’s the most important step. 

Casting Crowns

Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved. -Psalm 55:22, KJV

Thanks for reading! Can you relate? Comment below. God bless y’all, BBG


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  1. Surrendering to God is definitely a life-long process! You’re doing awesome! ❀

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    1. I hope so πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ™


  2. What if I gave everything? What if I get nothing in the end? Why don’t I hold on to this just in case? These are questions we ask ourselves and we need grace to trust God… It’s not easy to put your all on one being.
    This is a nice one and I bet that song is beautiful too.

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  3. I learned a long time ago to give every day to the Lord. The ensuing years have taught me the need to do this sometimes more than once per day! Thanks for sharing this

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    1. I know what you mean! That’s great.

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  4. T. R. Noble says:

    Amen! Thanks for your honesty πŸ™‚

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