Strength is the goal in all areas of life. We want to be the best, the strongest, no matter what it is. But that’s impossible. Sadly, we’re human, and someone will always be better at it than us. For instance, I’m pretty competitive, and whenever someone is better that me in dance or something, I beat myself up for not being able to do it. I get mad at myself for no good reason, and that’s not right. I should push myself to do the best I can do, not the best some other girl can do. Comparison can ruin a person because you will never be that person you are comparing yourself to; it’s just impossible. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. We should embrace and build up our strengths and work on our weaknesses. God made you original and distinctive, so who are you to argue? 

But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. -Galatians 6:4, KJV

Thanks for reading! Are you comparative or competitive? Comment below! God bless y’all, BibleBloggerGirl


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  1. T. R. Noble says:

    I definitely can get competitive in certain things, and I work on being humble, thankful for being part of something, and working on sharing the joy of another. 🙂 Great piece!

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    1. Thank you! I get how you feel.

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  2. Excellent thought! If you are on Facebook, this young lady did an awesome job expressing this thought:

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    1. Ok! I may check it out, and thanks!

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  3. dynaxty says:

    i̸̸ t̸h̸i̸n̸k̸ b̸e̸i̸n̸g̸ c̸o̸m̸p̸e̸t̸i̸t̸i̸v̸e̸ i̸s̸ g̸o̸o̸d̸ e̸s̸p̸e̸c̸i̸a̸l̸l̸y w̸h̸e̸n̸ o̸n̸̸e̸ i̸s̸ ̸ c̸o̸m̸p̸e̸t̸i̸n̸g̸ t̸o̸ b̸e̸ b̸e̸t̸t̸e̸r̸ t̸h̸a̸n̸ t̸h̸e̸ w̸a̸y̸ h̸e̸/s̸h̸e̸ w̸a̸s̸ y̸e̸s̸t̸e̸r̸d̸a̸y̸ #Self-improvement. g̸r̸e̸a̸t̸ p̸o̸s̸t̸ a̸s̸ a̸l̸w̸a̸y̸s̸

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    1. Aww, thank you so much! Yes, what you said is very true.

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