Great People in My Life: Part Two

Hello, hello, people! Today is the second installment of my Great People in My Life feature. My choice for this week is my dad, and without further ado, here is a list of ten things I admire about him.

1. Dad is a firefighter, and that in itself takes courage; to throw yourself into a dangerous situation for the sake of a stranger is extremely admirable.

2. He loves his family. Even with the odd hours and seemingly constant tiredness from his job, he finds time to spend with all of us and is interested in everything we do.

3. Dad is a strong Christian, he knows the Bible, and is not hesitant to share the gospel with anyone. He was also elected as chaplain for the city’s firefighters.

4. Recently, he took a test to become a lieutenant. He had been studying all the time at work and at home for this really tough exam, and all the work and prayers paid off — he got the highest score out of everyone who took the test and was promoted immediately!

5. Dad is very money-conscious. He can be a bit of a tightwad sometimes, but that’s a whole lot better than being an insane spender!

6. He really cares about everything we kids are interested in, whether he really understands it or not 😉.

7. My dad and my mom are constantly working on our house, which we have lived in for nearly eight years and is barely recognizable as the horribly 1990s house it used to be!

8. You have probably gathered this from everything else I have said, but I’ll say it anyway: he is completely selfless. Everything he does, it seems, flows outward.

9. Dad is a very fit person. He works out and eats right, and has encouraged us to do the same. He’s a great example!

10. He is a good husband. He and my mom have determined that whatever problems they have, they won’t give up; they will stick together and see it through, as they promised.Here is a picture of our family at a firefighter memorial in Colorado.

Thanks for reading today! I won’t be posting next week because I’m going to a Christian camp. I’m really excited! What was your favorite camp growing up? Do you have someone like my dad in your life? Please comment and tell me! As always, God bless, BibleBloggerGirl


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  1. Josh says:

    Your dad sounds like an awesome guy!

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    1. He really, truly is. Thanks for commenting! 😊


  2. Dave says:

    Your dad is a very handsome guy. Must take after his father.

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  3. T. R. Noble says:

    Sounds an awesome dad : ) I’d love to hear how your camp experience goes, if you want to write about it. Have a wonderful time at camp!

    I went to camp twice because I had to, yeah, not a camper. It was also at a Christian camp. The first time, I didn’t really get along with the girls till like the last night there. One of the girls did not like me at all, and that kinda made the other girls not like me. Also, bugs would always fly right in my face in the mornings. No one else had this issue, but it always got so bad each morning to the point my eyes were constantly watering. So I started wearing a raincoat and closed the top of hood all around my face to stop the problem, I got looks, but it worked haha!


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