Miss Potter

A little while after we moved to the house we live in now, my dad, my brothers and I were riding our bikes down the country roads. We biked into a little stretch of road surrounded by trees, and heard a little noise. Where was it coming from? Suddenly, we spotted her. A dirty, skinny kitten. One eye was missing and definitely infected. My dad warned,” don’t touch that cat, you guys.” I felt a little sorry for it, but we rode on. 

The next morning, my mom found the same little kitten outside our door. She is a sympathetic person and a cat lover, so she gave it some leftover chicken from our meal the night before. She was a very persistent kitty. One night, she sat beneath my parent’s window and meowed the whole night! Before long, she had adopted us, whether we liked it or not! We named her Miss Potter, after the great children’s book author, Beatrix Potter. My mom writes children’s books and admires Beatrix Potter, so why not? Miss Potter somehow worked her way from an outdoor cat to an indoor-outdoor cat when she had kittens. We got a few dogs around that time, and then she turned into a strictly indoor cat. And at this moment, she is lounging around on my bed next to me. So cute!

 She went from starving in the woods to snoozing on my bed. She went from nearly dying to having a wonderful life. For Christians, it’s the same way! We all went from having a death sentence to having eternal life! We came from living in sin to being bathed in the forgiving blood of Jesus! You, reading this right now, can do the same. To learn more about trusting Christ, click or tap here

As always, thank you for reading! God bless, BibleBloggerGirl

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  1. T. R. Noble says:

    Aww, I’m so happy for Miss Potter, and I love the reasoning behind the name! Oh, Peter Rabbit!

    I really like how you use a day in the life example, and tie it to scripture or believers. Well done! Keep going : )

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    1. Thanks! She does have an awesome name 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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