You Are Talented!

So, a bit about me: I love dance! I’m pretty ok at it when I work hard, thanks to my God that provided a healthy mind to learn and a healthy body to perform. I know everyone reading this now has a talent; it could be something obvious or something even you don’t know about. Whatever it be, it is something you should share with others, because it is a gift from God! I challenge you to use the talent you have for God in any way you can. It is simple for me, for all I need to do is find a song that touches my heart for Him, choreograph a dance to it, and perform it! (Ok, that sounds simple in writing, but it is hard, as choreography is NOT my strength.) For other people, it might be harder. Like my brother is really good with computers, but how can he use that for God? Not as obvious. Well, he found a way: our church got a new computer for the sound system and he basically figured it out on his own and now runs the thing! So you see, sometimes you may think that what you are good at can’t be used to glorify Him. You are smart, and God is INFINITELY smart. Think, and ask Him for ideas and opportunities. When they come, which they will, seize them and do some serious glorifying! God will reward you and you will feel awesome inside. 

Thank you so much for reading! Please comment and tell me about your talent, or if this post inspired you to use your talent in a different way. God bless, BibleBloggerGirl 


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  1. T. R. Noble says:

    I believe my talent is writing, and my calling is for believers. We need to stay accountable to the truth, ourselves, and especially our walk with Christ. I’m currently working on writing a Christian Fantasy series (first book I started a little over a month ago). My blog, Inside Cup, is my way to use my gift and for God to continue to refine me. : )

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